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Network Design & Deployment
Demand Stimulation
Smart Grid
Economic Development



What we can do for you

Drive up your county GVA

Raise adoption levels for your products and services

Implement highest quality ICT and telecoms in the most rural of areas

Deliver modern ICT solutions that drive your business

Turn data into useful information

We are a mission driven company 

We deliver to your mission and business growth plans.

What we’ve already achieved for others

Raised GVA in Cumbria and Northern Ireland

Responsible for driving business broadband adoption to the highest level in the UK

Designed and delivered the first country wide broadband project in Europe

Supported over 20,000 businesses to adopt, exploit and benefit from ICT

Implemented systems to collate, interpret and distribute data as information across organisations.


We have created exciting and effective network solutions and projects for a huge range of organisations, from some of the biggest names in business to SMEs and start-ups. We take their often complex communication challenges and make the solutions appear simple – here are the names of just a few of those we’ve helped over the years:.

NWDADixonsDDEPCumbria County CouncilCheshire County CouncilDETIDTI


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